DIY carboard box project

We all know kids love playing with cardboard boxes. Sometimes even more than with the toy that was inside the box 😉

That’s why this DIY cardboard box car is such a great idea. You can use them just for play or plan a special “drive-in movie” night like this one.

You will need cardboard boxes, duct tape, spray paint and paper plates

1. Instead of just paint the boxes, cover them in colorful duct tape. This way, they will last longer.2. If you add a shoebox covered in tape as well, it can be a great place to set the popcorn.

3. You can use black party plates for the wheels, or paint some plates with black spray paint. Also, you can attach the wheels using regular brass brads, so that they can really turn.

The kids will enjoy these cool cars!


PD: you see more about this cardboard cars at

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