Teaching through Storytelling

Preschool and Kindergarten children become familiar with English language through Storytelling methodology. This approach consists in making use of everything that a story has to offer to actively teach through it.

A simple tale like the Three Little Pigs can be used to introduce kids to pink colour, number 3, the different kinds of animals and the various materials from which a house can be built. In this case, this learning can be reinforced by giving the kids related objects to manipulate. This enriches greatly the experience, and kids have even more fun.  Moreover, this methodology also allows us to teach values, like perseverance and solidarity in Three Little Pigs. 

What other benefits does Storytelling provide?
·      Young learners love stories. They enjoy and learn at the same time.
·      It works for all types of learners and ages
·     It increases the children’s willingness to communicate thoughts and feelings and their listening ability.
·      It encourages active participation.
·      It increases oral production.
·      It encourages the use of imagination and creativity. 

To keep the attention and captivate the early age kids, we use different performance techniques. Each day we tell the story in various ways using teaching materials (puppets, costumes, real objects) and focusing on what we want them to learn.

Laura Campmany
English Teacher


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