English immersion

An important part of learning a new language is being immersed in it.  Therefore, a very important part of my job is to speak with the children in English in many different contexts.  I am with the students many different times of the day besides the English Corner.  For example, I speak with the children during their patio time.  I solve conflicts and help students when they have accidents on the patio.  They tell me what has happened and I try the best of my ability to tell them how they could say it in English.  

While I spend a lot of time with the children on the patio, it is not my only time with them outside of the English Corner.  I have been able to help with their snack time.  At snack time, I use the opportunity to teach them “Yes, please” if they would like the snack or “No, thank you” if they would like something else. 

Other opportunities I have with students are greeting them in the morning, as well as, helping them pack up to leave.  In the mornings when I arrive, I always make sure to say hello and good morning.  This helps the children become more familiar with some English greetings.  When it comes time for them to leave, I help them with their backpack, jacket, and mask.  I always make sure to state the name of these items while handing them to the children so they are able to become more familiar with this vocabulary.  I also use this time to use common English phrases for good-bye, such as, “Bye bye!”, “See you tomorrow!”, or “Have a great weekend!”  My schedule allows me to use English with the students in various contexts, which helps the children to attain this new, strange language!

Erin Scanlan



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