Quiero ser alguien

Esta es la Semana del Teatro en Viaró Infantil y tenemos un espacio para disfraces en nuestra aula de psicomotricidad. En este divertido espacio emerge el deseo, la fantasía, el universo simbólico… ¡Cosas del querer y del crecer! Los niños pasan de la posición de espectadores a la de actores más o menos activos… ¡Juegan … More Quiero ser alguien

Sorting games

Sorting is a math skill and one of the first that our kids can master. When a child sorts objects, they are analyzing data, finding relationships among objects, and applying rules to groups. They are also thinking logically and critically about a given set. It may seem like an easy skill, but sorting is so very much … More Sorting games

DIY animal learning activities

Today we bring 5 learning activities from Busy toddler to do with a few toy animals. This kind of toys are “open-ended”, which means you can invent countless games with them for children of all ages. These activities favor skills such as logical reasoning, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, counting, etc. 1. Animal hunt This activity is about … More DIY animal learning activities