Creation station

Una buena manera de estimular la creatividad de nuestros hijos es: ¡dejarles crear! Es difícil que sean más creativos si no dedican tiempo a inventar, construir, probar, investigar… Para ello, podemos tener a su disposición una “creation station”: una zona con materiales que puedan utilizar siempre que tengan una idea o simplemente se aburran. Puede … More Creation station

Sorting games

Sorting is a math skill and one of the first that our kids can master. When a child sorts objects, they are analyzing data, finding relationships among objects, and applying rules to groups. They are also thinking logically and critically about a given set. It may seem like an easy skill, but sorting is so very much … More Sorting games

Mirar insectes amb lupa i fer-se gran el món.

En aquests moments  a P5 estem treballant el projecte dels insectes, l’estem gaudint molt i cada dia aprenem coses noves. Les seves inquietuds són grans i sempre estan aportant idees genials que no paren d’enriquir l’aprenentatge significatiu de tots, inclosa la mestra. Des de tastar insectes fregits o “chapulines”, fins a tenir insectes vius a … More Mirar insectes amb lupa i fer-se gran el món.

Garden Project

A Garden Project establishes in children a love for learning and prepares them to see the world with eyes of wonder. Working with a garden-based education there are no gardening mistakes, only experiments, and helps children discover and cultivate their understanding and ability to think and enjoy. In a green school environment, children learn first-hand … More Garden Project